If you see something done very,
very well, something that is true to
itself, you can feel for two or three
minutes that the clouds have parted
and you've had a vision of some-
thing of what music or art or writing
can do, at its best. A revelation of
the full range of our human response
to the world--that is, what it means
to be human, on earth. That seems
to be what 'hope' is about in re-
lation to art. Nothing so simple as
'happy endings.'

Margaret Atwood
To desire to write poems [or stories]
that endure we undertake such a goal
certain of two things: that in all likeli-
hood we will fail, and that if we suc-
ceed we will never know it

Donald Hall
I have never in my life written any-
thing straight out, not even a five line
poem. I have always revised and

Joyce Carol Oates
Writing is an exploration. You start
from nothing and learn as you go.
If you do it right, you're coming up
out of yourself in a way that's not
entirely governable by your intellect.
That's why the most important lesson
I've learned is that planning to write
is not writing. Outlining a book is not
writing. Researching is not writing.
Talking to people about what you're
doing--none of that is writing. Writing
is writing.

E.L. Doctorow
Every part of the world, however
small, contains the world entirely.
Or put another way: if you concen-
trate your attention on some appa-
rently insignificant portion of the
world, you will find, deep within it,
nothing less than the world itself.

Steven Millhauser

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The Latest News 2015

Ron has two essays out: "My Father's Secrets," in Creative Nonfiction (a finalist
in their national competition); and "The Last Draft," in The Louisville Review.

His short story, "Tarzan, Again," appeared in the spring issue
of The Green Mountain Review

His second novel, "Missile Paradise," will be published by Ig
Publishing in the spring of 2016.

The Latest News 2015

Other Accomplishments

Other Accomplishments

Recent Awards: Nachbhar Award (for contribution to humanities); Maryland State
Arts Council grant in fiction; National Council on Public History grant; finalist in
Creative Nonfiction essay contest; finalist in Lamar York Fiction and Nonfiction
competitions; second place in Editor's Choice Awards, Florida Review; winner,
Gertrude Press Chapbook competition; finalist, Ropewalk Chapbook award in

The Marshall Islands Story Project has been completed. Ron created the
program in 2008 to help Marshallese community college students learn better
English, gain competence in new media (website building) and, using
these skills, preserve the oral story-telling culture of their island nation.