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I Worry About the Lady Bugs

When it gets warm--even in the midst of winter--the ladybugs come out. I find them in the windows, crawling up to the sunlight. I didn't know this but lady bugs hibernate, hunkered down in the crevices of windows, usually windows on the warmest (south-facing) side...

My Bout With Kidney Stones

I say “bout” because dealing with kidney stones is like stepping into the ring with a brutal opponent. If you’ve ever been punched in the kidney (prohibited in boxing) you got a hint of how vulnerable that organ is. Most of us are familiar with the...

One Year on the Farm

It’s deer-mating season. “This time of year, deer do strange things,” my neighbor told me. “A buck that’s been skittish and hard to track all year will suddenly walk right out in front of you like he doesn’t care about anything.” Anything, that is, except...

Home at Last

I got back home this week after a two-month book tour to promote my novel, “Missile Paradise.” It was a DIY tour, meaning I traveled in my camper van, logging 9450 miles. Cleo, my aged basset hound, kept me company. I thought the hard travel...

Homeless and On the Road

I camped in a Walmart lot last night in Fort Worth, Texas. At Walmart Supercenters, which are open 24/7, there's always a security officer patrolling the parking lot. That's why van campers and RV folk like parking there: it's the store's unofficial policy to allow...

103 in the Shade

I drove south through the San Joaquin Valley on my way out of California. The San Joaquin is America's garden--more produce comes from this land than from any other. Never mind that it's desert, fed by water sluiced from the Sierra Nevadas. It was 103 in...

Welcome to the West!

The first thing you'll notice about America's far West (i.e., the west coast), is the space--ocean vistas, grand mountain ranges, roads that stretch on and on. The second thing you'll notice is the crowds. It's kind of ironic that way. California, where Cleo and I...

On the Road with Cleo

I’m on the road in my camper van to tour my novel, Missile Paradise. Cleo, my aged basset hound is with me. Deaf and mostly blind, she may be too old for a big road trip but I didn’t want to leave her behind. She’s...

Looking for Sheep

Jill and I went to the Sheep and Wool Festival recently to look over the sheep we might get for our farm next year. We were surprised to find so many people there. Apparently, the Sheep and Wool Festival is a big deal. We sat...

Our Honey Bees Have Arrived!

Our bees arrived this week. Two colonies of them from Georgia. Jill took a bee-keeping class recently and scored a huge load of bee-keeping equipment at an auction, so we were ready to go. The bees arrived in two small, screened boxes.   [caption id="" align="alignright" width="309"]...