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Our Farmhouse Restoration

Jill and I got a lot done last year, including a couple of major improvements to the farmhouse. Mostly we've...

Off-the-Grid Living?

Last week, Jill and I installed a wood-burning stove in our farm house. The stove is old--circa 1987--but not antique....

Counting My Bee Stings

Yesterday, a wasp stung me on the cheek. I was painting under the eaves of an outbuilding and didn’t see...

The Deer Have Found Us

For 2 ½ years, the deer--in the hundred acres that surrounds our farm--left us alone. We don’t know why. The...

17 Stitches for a Hedgerow

Last year my brother Mike looked at the huge hedge in front of our farmhouse and said, “Why don’t you...

Eight Days in Nevada

I just spent eight days in Nevada, doing research for a novel I’m writing, which deals, in part, with the...