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Goodbye to My Mom

My mom died yesterday of kidney failure. She’d been failing for a while, most unhappily during this past year. She...

Have a Very Basset Xmas

Jill makes a killer cheesecake--not only is it delectably dense but also thick and dry enough to be chewy in...

An IRS Holiday Tale

When Jill and Il started our non-profit in 2015--Good Contrivance Farm, Inc.--we had the best intentions. It would be an...

Our Fifth Fall on the Farm

Lately, Jill and I have been canning apples and tomatoes and drying herbs, the house redolent with savory aromas. Nothing...

The Writer’s Worst Nightmare

I've just lost the final revision of my novel-in-progress. Irretrievable. I picture it spinning away into the digital void like...