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A Bad Week At the Farm

Here’s a schadenfreude buffet about our latest farm adventures: 1) We’ve been without water for five days so far. Our well pump broke on Saturday. The pump was only two months old, installed by a company that “raised” our well. This company gave us a new...

Our Third Week on the Farm: Stalled & Wet

I startled Jill from sleep last night when my ice-cold elbow touched her back as I came to bed. Ice cold because I have to soak my elbows in ice water several times a day to keep the inflammation down: chronic tendonitis from too much...

Our Second Week on the Farm: Digging Out

[caption id="" align="alignleft" width="400"] Everything we own in one place[/caption] It's been a tough second week, I will not lie. Jill and I have been weeding, digging, raking, mowing and mowing. It's one thing to let a farm go "natural"; it's a very different thing to...

Our First Week on the Farm

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Good Contrivance Farm, circa 1960[/caption] If a fortuneteller had waved a hand over her crystal ball--let’s say 10 years ago or even 3--and told me that I’d be living on a farm right now and spending hours and hours every day mowing...

Our Massive Move Out of 2746 Saint Paul

Jill and I are camping today, trying to recover from our move yesterday. The move -- emptying 5,000 square feet of belongings we’d spent 15 accumulating -- took two days. Yesterday we got up at 6:00 and didn’t finish clearing out our house, once and...

How To Sell A House

I’ve never sold a house, so I don’t really know how it's supposed to go. And I never imagined I’d sell this one. But here it is, for sale: Fabulous Baltimore Victorian for Sale! It’s the only house I’ve owned. Jill owned a tiny house many...

A Return from China

A package I sent to China last September just came back to me. What’s remarkable is not the fact that it has been in the mails--going to and from--for six months but, rather, that it came back at all. I didn’t imagine anything that went...


This morning, while changing a light bulb in the kitchen, I smelled burning plastic. Odd, I thought. Usually, our neighborhood smells of oak woodsmoke from the excellent, new restaurant a few blocks away: it has a wood-fired grill. I stepped onto my porch to get...

How I Got Burned at the Flea Market

If you’ve watched “Antiques Roadshow,” you’ve seen segments where a collector believes he’s brought in a priceless artifact--like a Ming vase--only to be told by the Roadshow appraiser that he’s got a fake or a reproduction or he’s grossly over-estimated the value of the item...

Christmas in the House We Love!

      Christmas is a special time at our house. We really enjoy dressing up the place in a traditional style. Every year we try something different, including new (old) ornaments. Jill can't stop collecting antique ornaments we find at flea markets and garage sales.   Click here for...