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Our Honey Bees Have Arrived!

Our bees arrived this week. Two colonies of them from Georgia. Jill took a bee-keeping class recently and scored a huge load of bee-keeping equipment at an auction, so we were ready to go. The bees arrived in two small, screened boxes.   [caption id="" align="alignright" width="309"]...

Did the Three-Legged Fox Eat Our Cat?

A couple weeks ago, Peaches -- our sweet orange tabby -- went missing. She was the friendliest of our barn carts, always nearby, always first to greet us, always curious and following our every step around the farm. Just before she disappeared, she started getting a...

When Somebody Steals Your Shopping Cart

  Shopping in Trader Joe’s yesterday, I left my cart to fetch some bananas. When I returned, my cart was gone. Had I somehow gotten confused? Maybe forgotten where I’d left it? I wandered around, glancing into many other carts. Mine had lots of groceries. But...

The Three-Legged Fox and Winter’s End

Last night, when I heard the 3-legged fox raise its banshee cry from the back of our property, I woke our big dog, then ran outside, the dog eagerly following. It’s still winter, still mating season for foxes. Hence, the banshee cry. Our fox is...

Digging Out Our Farm After Winter Storm Jonas

[caption id="" align="alignright" width="499"] Walking out to fetch the tractor[/caption] It took me 7 hours to dig out with our tractor yesterday. Without the tractor, we wouldn’t have reached the street for a week or more. The good thing about being on the farm is that...

New Year’s At the Farm

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="400"] Smoky[/caption] We didn’t exactly celebrate Christmas this year because we’re hunkered down with work on our farm. That meant no tree, no decorations. Jill didn’t even get her gifts because I couldn’t find them in the mess of our belongings, stacked in...

A Scream in the Night

Jill and I were making dinner last night when we were startled by screaming from our western field. Neither of us had heard anything like it. It was so high pitched and piercing, I was convinced it was a large bird of some kind, maybe...

A Bad Week At the Farm

Here’s a schadenfreude buffet about our latest farm adventures: 1) We’ve been without water for five days so far. Our well pump broke on Saturday. The pump was only two months old, installed by a company that “raised” our well. This company gave us a new...

Our Third Week on the Farm: Stalled & Wet

I startled Jill from sleep last night when my ice-cold elbow touched her back as I came to bed. Ice cold because I have to soak my elbows in ice water several times a day to keep the inflammation down: chronic tendonitis from too much...

Our Second Week on the Farm: Digging Out

[caption id="" align="alignleft" width="400"] Everything we own in one place[/caption] It's been a tough second week, I will not lie. Jill and I have been weeding, digging, raking, mowing and mowing. It's one thing to let a farm go "natural"; it's a very different thing to...