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How to Sell A Book in America: the 66-City Tour

You may recall that last spring I awoke with the realization that I needed to buy a Sprinter van, convert it into a camper, then tour the nation to promote my new book, From Animal House to Our House: A Love Story. The van...

How to Sell A Book In America (part IX): the Video Trailer

If you haven't heard of book trailers, that's understandable. They're something new and, so far, untested. But they appear to be growing in popularity. Book trailers are like movie trailers, except they're for books. You may wonder why anyone would produce a trailer...

How to Sell a Book in America, part VIII: the e-book!

I've just posted my first (self-published) e-book on Kindle. It wasn't easy. You'd think that all you'd have to do is format your text, maybe turn it into a PDF, and then upload it, right? No, no, no. All would-be Kindle texts have to submit...

How to Sell a Book in America, Part VII: Road Trip Round-up

I've just finished the last major leg of my Kiss Me, Stranger book tour, reading exclusively at independent book stores and sharing the stage on many occasions with fellow Baltimorean and hilarious raconteur Jessica Blau. The tour took me to Seattle, Minneapolis, Chicago, Milwaukee, Boston,...

How to Sell a Book in America, Part VI: your road kit

Although I love to travel, I don't totally have my travel act together. For example, I always overpack and yet no matter how well prepared I am -- writing lists, packing the night before, taking inventory -- I always forget at least one thing. Still,...

How to Sell a Book in America, Part V: reader reviews

Okay, let me make a confession. The Kindle whole-book give-away that my publisher arranged a couple of weeks ago was a mistake. He told Amazon to give away only the first three chapters – which is the standard teaser. That way, if somebody samples the...

How to Sell a Book in America, Part IV: giving it away

It would be no surprise to you to hear me say that the internet has changed everything. Sure, all of us know this. But what most of us don't know is exactly how the internet has changed everything, especially everything about selling books....

How to Sell A Book In America, Part II: road trip

Back from the first leg of my Kiss Me Stranger book tour -- Seattle, Minneapolis, Milwaukee, Chicago -- and I have a few things to share. 1) Waiting in line for TSA clearance, a fellow traveler (a woman) said to me: "You aren't going to...

How to Sell a Book in America

Producing about 275,000 new titles a year, the U.S.A. publishes more books than any other nation. The United Kingdom is next, at about 200,000. This does not include self-published books. Such numbers are encouraging -- because, heck, that's a lot of books, so why couldn't...