06 Feb Got Music?

Kiss Me, StrangerI’ve been invited by Largehearted Boy, a website of literature and music, to come up with a playlist for my just-released illustrated novel, Kiss, Me Stranger. If you watch the book trailer, you’ll hear David Smooke‘s amazing music. It’d be splendid to have David score the entire book but, as he’s a world-class composer (specializing in the toy piano, no less) and very busy and I have no funds to hire such talent, I must content myself with his Kiss Me, Stranger suite and add to it other compositions that might make a full sound track.

You could help me out.

Kiss Me, StrangerYou don’t have to read the book to do this (though that’d be nice eventually). Just watch the trailer and consider what tunes would work well with this story. Then send me your suggestions. Kiss Me, Stranger is about a mother of 14 children trying to survive a civil war in a fictional country that’s built on landfill. There’s lots of scavenging and recycling in the book. Also some silliness with children. Suggestions I’ve received already: Talking Heads’ “Life in the Time of War” and Kate Bush’s “Red Shoes” (red shoes appear in the novel).

Here’s the trailer Give it a spin and let me know what tunes might work. Email me here: rtanner@loyola.edu

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Kiss Me, Stranger