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    The book is a scholarly/educational one with a limited print run and the main readership is academic.
    Published by Bloomsbury Academic, an imprint of Bloomsbury Publishing PLC, or its licensees throughout the world.
    Working title: Speculative Fiction: A Writer's Guide and Anthology
    Anticipated publication date: Fall 2024
    Authors: Ron Tanner and Benjamin Warner
    Anticipated initial print run: paperback, 1,130 copies
    Anticipated price: $32.95

    I hereby agree to the reproduction of the material described above in the print and electronic versions of Speculative Fiction: A Writer's Guide and Anthology, as well as in all related ancillary or subsidiary material, instructor resource material and promotional materials. This agreement is on condition that the undersigned/author is duly credited in said book. Bloomsbury Publishing guarantees that the material in the event of publication will only be reproduced in this title, but that this title may be reprinted in English Language editions, and may be sold to co-publishers to print in foreign language editions. Bloomsbury Publishing therefore requires a non-exclusive usage right and license for publication in the above-mentioned book in all its forms, editions, languages and media (including electronic media) throughout the world, and under any imprint for the life of the title.

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