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How I Got Burned at the Flea Market

If you’ve watched “Antiques Roadshow,” you’ve seen segments where a collector believes he’s brought in a priceless artifact--like a Ming...

Lightening Our Load

For the last three weeks, Jill and I have been cleaning house in preparation for our super big yard sale....

Shopping in Baltimore

After a spate of heavy rain, the skies cleared, the temperature dropped to a crisp high of 50, and all...

Ron & Jill at Antiques Roadshow!

Jill and I have tried four times to get into Antiques Roadshow – D.C., Baltimore, Memphis, and Philadelphia – and...

Antique Hunting & Hoarding

On Saturday, Jill and I went to yard sales with our friend Scott. Scott is the uber antiques lover and...

London, Part IV: antique hunting

(Note: we went to London to search out the history/life of John Marshall, for whom the Marshall Islands were named.) As...