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Our Cancerland

As Jill’s cancer worsens, I’m anxious to render as best I can the full picture—which is to say we’re not...

We Have No Air Conditioning

We feel this most keenly during July and August, as we stew in the muggy mid-Atlantic swelter. Two months of...

Triple Dose of Ritalin

Lately, I’ve been finding comfort in reading Charles Bukowski’s poetry, probably because he was so ruined and honest on the...

I want my monkey!

I want my monkey! [caption id="" align="alignright" width="400"] forsythia in bloom[/caption] Spring alert: the most invasive weed on our property is “wild...

She Wakes Up Laughing

Reading the sad chronicle of the journey I'm taking with Jill can't be easy, I know. And it's not getting...

Our Deadline

Once a month I drive Jill to her oncologist for testing and treatment. Typically the visit takes about two hours....

A Group of Cats is Called a “Clutter”

[caption id="" align="alignleft" width="152"] 1950's spaceman[/caption] For the past several months Jill and I have been selling stuff at a local...

Taking the Turn

I picked the last of the peaches yesterday. That’s our big summer news: our orchard has matured finally and given...