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We Have No Air Conditioning

We feel this most keenly during July and August, as we stew in the muggy mid-Atlantic swelter. Two months of...

Triple Dose of Ritalin

Lately, I’ve been finding comfort in reading Charles Bukowski’s poetry, probably because he was so ruined and honest on the...

I want my monkey!

I want my monkey! [caption id="" align="alignright" width="400"] forsythia in bloom[/caption] Spring alert: the most invasive weed on our property is “wild...

She Wakes Up Laughing

Reading the sad chronicle of the journey I'm taking with Jill can't be easy, I know. And it's not getting...

Our Deadline

Once a month I drive Jill to her oncologist for testing and treatment. Typically the visit takes about two hours....

A Group of Cats is Called a “Clutter”

[caption id="" align="alignleft" width="152"] 1950's spaceman[/caption] For the past several months Jill and I have been selling stuff at a local...

Taking the Turn

I picked the last of the peaches yesterday. That’s our big summer news: our orchard has matured finally and given...

Counting Numbers

The big surprise about the cicada invasion is that they brutalized every tree and bush on our farm. Prior to...

At the Hoarder’s Auction

The day after the CDC announced that business could resume in a mostly normal manner, Jill and I drove to...